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Graphite West Hydrothermal Project

Empire holds the right to acquire an 80% interest in the Graphite West Hydrothermal Project, a highly prospective hydrothermal graphite exploration target.  Key to this asset is the location.  Empires Graphite West Hydrothermal Project is immediately west and adjacent to Zenyatta Ventures’ Albany deposit, a highly prospective hydrothermal graphite deposit.  Zenyatta’s Albany deposit is the only high purity hydrothermal graphite deposit being developed in the world.  Zenyatta reports it is testing at a yield of 99.9% carbon purity.

Graphite and lithium share very similar clean tech applications.  Graphite is used in electric vehicles, along with energy grids and electronics, along with lithium-ion batteries.

Empire plans to monitor events at Zenyatta Ventures while it conducts preliminary exploration and prospecting at our Graphite West Project.

Graphite West Hydrothermal Project

  • Comprised of 32 claims and 650 hectares of land
  • Located 75 km NW of Hearst, Ontario the property is located in the mineral-rich Porcupine Mining Division of Northern Ontario.
  • Hydrothermal graphite was first discovered when Zenyatta Ventures targeted platinum metals and copper mineralization on the coincident magnetic lows and electro-magnetic highs.  However, while drilling into these anomalies, intersected breccia pipe style graphite rich bodies.    This discovery sparked a staking rush in the area and Empire was among the first to acquire the ground adjacent to Zenyatta.
  • Empire is in a position to discover a similar graphite rich body, with current plans to explore the property by airborne VTEM survey.
  • Zenyatta is targeting a Norilsk, Voisey’s Bay or Eagle type Cu-Ni deposit, with a value in excess of $1 billion at the Albany project – Zenyatta website
  • The Graphite West Project is located in the “Arc of Fire”.

About The “Arc of Fire”

The “Arc of Fire” consists of several large multi-phased mafic-ultramafic-alkalic complexes forming an arc line approximately 150km long.  The “Arc of Fire” is believed to also represent a deep seated Proterozoic structure that may be related to the 1.1 billion year old Mid-Continent Rifting.  The Mid-Continent Rift is a known deep seated structural environment that hosts a number of significant mineral deposits around Lake Superior, including the recently discovered Rio Tinto’s Eagle, Tamarack Cu-Ni deposits and Magma’s TBN PGM deposit. Rifting environments around the world are host to many large mineral deposits.  Source: Thunder Bay NetNews Ledger  


  • China has imposed export duties, restrictions and licenses on new and existing mines.
  • It requires 30 to 40 times more graphite than lithium to make a lithium ion battery.
  • Graphite maintains its strength and stability to temperatures of 3,600°C.
  • Graphite is very resistant to chemical attack.
  • Graphite is both electrically and heat conductive.
  • Graphite and diamonds are the only two natural forms of pure carbon.
  • Graphite is one of the lightest of all reinforcing agents.
  • Graphite acts as a natural lubricant
  • There are almost no substitutes and little recycling of graphite.


  • Fuel
  • Li-ion Batteries
  • Mobile phones
  • Flame retardants
  • Computers
  • Cameras
  • Approximately 95% of the all Li-ion batteries are manufactured in Japan.